Irrational Games explains BioShock Infinite’s Handyman

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BioShock Infinite Handyman

BioShock Infinite is not a sequel to BioShock, but a separate story within the BioShock lore. BioShock was most recognizable by the hulking mechanical giants that roamed Rapture called Big Daddies. Taking down a Big Daddy took skill and a bit of strategy. BioShock Infinite will also have its own version of a Big Daddy. Irrational Games is calling it the Handyman.

Irrational explained the origins of the Handyman on its latest podcast. The Handyman was jokingly referred to as Crabman. Its dominating nature was present, but it had claws instead of hands. Irrational scrapped the Crabman design because the team felt claws didn’t meld correctly with the gameplay. The developer explained how Crabman couldn’t gracefully shove someone into a fish tank without hands. Crabman also couldn’t rationally exist within the game’s world. Even though he has a seemingly exposed heart and freakish strength, some part of Crabman is human. Irrational couldn’t figure out how he could eat or “take a leak.” That’s why Irrational decided to replace the claws with hands.

Combat was another key factor. The Handyman’s main function is to punch as opposed to grabbing. Finally the team felt giving the Handyman human hands was inherently more intimidating than a human-crab hybrid.

BioShock Infinite will be released in 2012 for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

Via [Irrational Games Podcast] Read [VG247]

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