Gamertell Review: GabCab for Windows, Mac

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Title: GabCab
Price: $6.99
System(s): *PC, Mac
Release Date: August, 26, 2010
Publisher (Developer): Reflexive Entertainment
ESRB Rating: “Everyone”
Pros: Very cute, addictive game play and varied in difficulty.
Cons:Begins very easy and only one type of cab to play.
Overall Score: Two Thumbs up; 94 out of 100; A; * * * * out of five.

If you like driving a cab that involves no effort and is incredibly cute, then GabCab is your game.

Your goal in this addictive puzzler is to drive around the various towns, pick up people and bring them to where they want to go. Sounds simple enough but, as the game goes on, the difficulty goes up. Don’t take this game too lightly.


Player Carries No Cash

This game is not only insanely cute but it is very addictive, too. It looks easy from the start. You go to a maze-shaped town. people poke there heads out and tell holler at you to pick them up and bring them various places. You take them there and get a tip. Not to shabby.

However, it gets more difficult when three people want to go to the same place but are no where near each other or, sometimes, you will be very near your location and someone else will pop up wanting to go there too, so you have to decide if you want to bother changing your route. Plus, you have to add in the fact that there is a timer in the game and that people will tip you less or get mad if they are late, which all causes you to lose points and valuable spending money. Still sound easy?

One of the nice things is that you can buy power-ups for your cab to improve speed, gas mileage (since you also could run out of gas if you don’t stop at the station) and passenger capacity. Also, you can buy items that help make passengers happy or get you to your location more efficiently. Plus you can buy friends who go specific places including the football field, the cinema, etc, which will save you valuable time. There are also eight different scenes from parks to the mountains.


Check Your Shoes

The main idea of the game is to get everyone to their location as fast and efficiently as possible. At times you may need to change your route to be more efficient which can be done by double clicking on a location. You get bonuses too for things like not making anyone late, not needing to stop at the gas station and collecting all your tips (which you get by moving the mouse over the coins that pop out of a building).

You can also see info on people from the menu screen, this is helpful to know who loses patience the quickest/slowest and who tips the best.

One thing that would make this game even better is if you could customize your cab, or at least choose from different ones. As it is, you are only one cute little yellow cab with huge eyes. As cute as he is, it would be fun to maybe be a van type cab or even an old fashioned one.

Difficultly settings might be nice too. Rather then starting out easy and building up to harder levels, it would be nice to be able to pick the difficulty you want right away, that way the younger people, or less advanced players can stay on easy the whole game and the more advanced players can stay on harder levels. The different levels have different difficulty levels but you have to unlock them first.


Cab Sharing Appreciated

This is one of those games that perfect for someone who loves addictive puzzles and doesn’t need a lengthy game. Each of the eight locations has about 10 levels so the game will keep you occupied for quite a while.

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