Gearbox now owns Duke Nukem

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Duke Nukem

A couple days ago Gearbox software announced it would be completing development on the once mythical Duke Nukem Forever. Not only is Gearbox making Duke Nukem Forever a reality, it has acquired the Duke Nukem intellectual property in its entirety.

Gearbox will be handling every future Duke Nukem game. Gearbox’s CEO Randy Pitchford pointed out at PAX that 3D Realms sold Duke Nukem to Gearbox as opposed to Gearbox buying Duke Nukem. Gearbox was actually picked to buy the Duke Nukem brand. 3D Realms felt Gearbox was best suited to carry on the franchise partly due to Gearbox’s success with Borderlands. Like Duke Nukem, Borderlands is a first-person shooter with a style all its own. It’s not a serious game, but manages to combine modern shooter controls and humor into a totally unique experience.

Pitchford also as a personal connection to Duke Nukem. Pitchford’s first job was with 3D Realms where he worked on Duke Nukem 3D and an early version of Duke Nukem Forever.

It looks like Duke is settling in to make more appearances on this generation of consoles. Let’s hope after Forever is released, it won’t take another decade before Duke’s next outing.

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