Michael Jordan not in NBA Jam, again

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NBA Jam 2010 screen shot

In addition to the players that fans voted on, EA’s new NBA Jam installment will include legendary stars for most franchises. Some haven’t been in the league long enough to have a true “legend” and will have to settle for the inclusion of their mascot.

The Chicago Bulls’ most legendary player is obvious: Michael Jordan. The problem arising here is that Michael Jordan is the cover athlete for NBA 2K11 so he can’t appear in any games for 2K Sports’ competitors.

Players using the Chicago Bulls will have to be content with Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman.

Hey, on the bright side Rodman is also legendary for his cross dressing.

Jordan isn’t the only legend who won’t be in the game. Players still have to be members of the NBA Players Association to appear in NBA Jam Also, EA preferred using players who appeared in the original 1990s arcade classic. That led to some interesting choices including Rony Seikaly and Glen Rice as Miami Heat legends. No, Miami fans, LeBron and Chris Bosh are not Heat legends. Yet.

The intense demand for Jordan’s services has kept him from appearing in a lot of basketball games over the years. He wasn’t in the 1993 version of NBA Jam, either. Maybe Jordan in NBA Jam simply isn’t meant to be.

Jordan has also lent his name to some questionable games including the non-sports platforming action game with a basketball theme titled Michael Jordan: Chaos in the Windy City released in 1994 by EA for the Super Nintendo. It never seems to go well when athletes star in action or fighting games instead of sports games (*cough* Shaq Fu, *cough*).

ESPN has used its gaming industry contacts to get spoilers for the entire Eastern Conference. It will spoil the Western Conference rosters next Tuesday (September 14, 2010).

NBA Jam is a standalone release for the Wii and will be included as a download with PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360’s NBA Elite 11 October 5, 2010.

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  • Peter

    MJ is in 2k11 smart one…that's why he can't be on NBA Jam this year

  • luciano marcondes

    mj is not in nba jam because hes in 2k11? that is bogus in case u people forgot pippen and rodman and karl malone , magic is also in 2k11 they got teams from the past in 2k11.. if some 1 please make michael read this mike stop being greedy for money i know the real reason why hes not in nba jam i heard they couldnt afford his name and that is the reason why.. not because hes appearing in 2k11. because pippen and rodman is also there so that couldnt be true..

  • luciano marcondes

    hes not in jam because they couldnt afford his name not because hes in 2k11. that is false because pippen and rodman are also in 2k11