Gamertell Review: House, M.D., for Windows

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Title: House M.D
Price: $19.95
System(s): *PC
Release Date: Sept, 13, 2010
Publisher (Developer): Legacy Interactive
ESRB Rating: “Teen”
Pros: Work with all your favorite characters, episodes are just like the TV, plenty of snarky comment by House and lots of mini games.
Cons: Some games are repetitive or last too long.
Overall Score: Two thumbs up; 91 out of 100; A-; * * * * out of 5

Everyone’s favorite snarky doctor is back, this time in PC form.

House M.Dlets you solve cases and diagnose patients, all while making rude comments to your staff and patients and annoying Dr. Cuddy.

Beats Clinic Duty

The House game is laid out much like the show. First they show the patient in his normal life when something goes wrong, sending him to the hospital. After that House and his team diagnose the patient more than a couple times, until they find out what is really wrong with him.


You play lots of mini games in this game, ranging from searching a patient’s body for symptoms to asking questions that lead to a diagnoses. You also get to administer meds, do surgical procedures and treat wounds via mini-games. You can even search the patient’s houses for clues.

At the end of each set of treatments or diagnoses, you get graded based on accuracy. House, Cuddy, and Wilson are all there to give you your results you see different people depending on how good or bad you did (the better you did it’s Wilson, the worse you did it’s House). If you really mess up on a game, then you have to redo it.


It’s Still Not Lupus

Like I said, the game is just like the TV show, the characters even talk to each other a bit about their personal lives, and House will bother Wilson or Cuddy throughout the game. Each character has the same personality traits and clever lines as they do on the show.

The character art in the game was fantastic as well, it really looked like all the characters from the show, right down to House sarcastic sneer. You can really feel how annoyed Cuddy is at House when you look at her face.

The one beef I have with this game is that the mini-games repeat themselves once in a while. For instance the centrifuge game (where you mix up meds) is the same each time you have to do it, It might vary slightly on the elements but it is basically the same mini-game. Also, some, such as the whiteboard game, can last too long.

At times you have to ask patients, family or friends questions about the symptoms, home life, etc. It’s not always clear what you are suppose to be asking for the clue that is given and, if you ask the wrong questions too often, you lose the mini-game.

House in Da Hospital


I was a bit annoyed by the repetitiveness of some of the puzzles but I loved the fact that playing the game was like interacting with the real show. All the characters were perfect and they really got House down to a T.

I would like the game more if they vary the puzzles more and maybe even create difficulty levels to select from. Other than that, no House fan should be without this game.

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