Sony reveals PlayStation Move demo disc contents

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Time Crisis Razing Storm

The PlayStation Blog has posted a video detailing the contents of the demo disc that will come with PlayStation Move bundles. There are 11 demos total with a wide variety of genres to choose from. Most of these demos will be available on the PlayStation Store after Move releases, but Sony isn’t slapping down an exact date for availability.

The cool thing about this demo disc is that it can be shared with anyone. You have the option of installing any of the demos onto your PS3’s hard drive. You can then give the disc to your friends so they can do the same. This works out perfectly for people who are only purchasing the Move controller.

PlayStation Move will be in stores on September 17, 2010 in three flavors. The individual controller will cost $49.99, a bundle containing Move, the PlayStation Eye, Sports Champions and demo disc for $99.99, and a PS3 Move bundle with a 320GB console, Move, Sports Champions, PlayStation Eye and demo disc for $399. Kmart is also offering multiple deals on PlayStation Move when it launches.

Below you’ll find a list of the 11 demos followed by a video tour showing the games in action.

  1. Beat Sketcher
  2. echochrome ii
  3. EyePet
  4. Kung Fu Rider
  5. Sports Champions
  6. Start the Party!
  7. The Shoot
  8. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11
  9. Time Crisis: Razing Storm
  10. Tumble
  11. TV Superstars

Via [PlayStation Blog]

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