Valve envisioned a Portal game without portals

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Portal 2 repulsion gel

Where would the Portal franchise be without portals? The very thought of that seems silly. Portals are the primary game mechanic in this title. Without it, you’ll just be running and jumping while a self-aware robot casually tries to kill you. Believe it or not, Valve considered taking portals out of Portal 2.

Speaking in an interview with PC Gamer, Portal writer Erik Wolpaw revealed why the team tried to push portals into the background in Portal 2. The concept of portals was starting to wear thin on the team, but they soon learned their other ideas for primary game mechanics weren’t testing well with players.

“…One of the ideas was: what if the Portal franchise is, instead of always being about Portals – which’d be tough because it’s called Portal – but what if it was always about introducing a new puzzle element that you’re going through? It’s about Aperture Science, and now you’re going through this new testing track with this new element,” Wolpaw said.

Some of those elements made it into Portal 2 and some did not. As we’ll see in Portal 2, different gels have become part of the testing chambers. Repulsion gel and propulsion gel were once candidates for replacements to the portal gun. However Valve decided to combine portals and gels together to enhance the current puzzles. Of course there will be other gels and puzzle elements Valve hasn’t revealed yet. Sticky paint is one mechanic that may find its way into Portal 2. Sticky paint will enable you to walk on the ceiling and along walls.

Portal 2 will be released on February 9, 2011 for PS3, Xbox 360, PC and Mac.

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