PlayStation Move is “the most exciting thing” Sony CEO has seen in 24 years

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PlayStation Move promotional photo Sony Computer Entertainment of America president and CEO Jack Tretton is more than fond of PlayStation Move. Tretton was a guest on Fox Business a few days ago when he said PlayStation Move is the most exciting thing he’s ever seen in the 24 years he has been in the gaming industry. Shocking huh?

We don’t expect one of Sony’s CEO’s to downplay Move. This controller is meant to create a fresh perspective on the PS3 console. Sony wants more families and non-gamers to be converted to the PlayStation way of life. But placing Move as the best innovation gaming as seen in 24 years is a tough pill to swallow. Tretton goes on to say he’s addicted to PlayStation Move. Let’s find out why.

Move and the PlayStation Eye not only tracks movement, but depth as well. The motion is also 1 to 1 which means your movements are being tracked and acted out on screen in real time. This also creates a more competitive atmosphere for motion controlled games. Tretton also pointed out motion gaming has always fallen short of realistic when asked what separates Move from the Wii or Kinect. It’s his belief that Move is the motion control we’ve been waiting for.

PlayStation Move is coming out on September 17, 2010. There are a few bundles and special offers to go along with it.

Via [Fox Business]

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