Xbox Live Update for the week of September 12 through 18, 2010

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Xbox live weekly update

There’s this little first-person shooter game called Halo:Reach you may have heard a thing or two about. The arcade releases this week are in the shadow of the 800 lb. plasma rifle-wielding gorilla. To get as many players hooked on the Xbox Live Gold experience as possible, Microsoft is having a free weekend September 17-19. Silver subscribers will get all the benefits of Gold membership this weekend, which for Halo:Reach includes campaign matchmaking as well as regular multiplayer.

You should still pay attention to the Xbox Live Arcade which is getting a whopping three releases this week. Sega Dreamcast platformer Sonic Adventure is here complete with Chao Gardens and the other minigames from the original. Last week was the Dreamcast’s 11th anniversary, so it’s a good time for Sega nostalgia. Sonic’s first 3D adventure is now in 720p graphics with Dolby Digital Surround Sound for 800 Microsoft Points ($10).

Sonic Adventure

King of Fighters Sky Stage is a game that features characters from the classic SNK fighting game flying and shooting. I’m not kidding. This genre mashup combines shooting and martial arts. Get your flight and fight on for 800 MP. Speaking of arcade shooters, Space Invaders Infinity Gene revives one of the games that started it all. In this one you start out with old school Space Invaders and can earn upgrades ranging from new music to 3D graphics. Trippy! Infinity Gene is 800 MP.

The Deal of the Week is discounts on three puzzle hits: Gyromancer is 800 MP, while Bust A Move and Puzzle Chronicles are both 400 MP.

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