PSN undergoes maintenance Tuesday, PSN store updates today

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PSN logo Less than one month ago the PlayStation Network went offline for scheduled maintenance. During that time we were forced to do something that didn’t involve the marriage between the PS3 and the internet. We hope you have plans tomorrow (September 21, 2010) because PSN is going offline again. Maintenance will be conducted between 8am Pacific until around 5pm Pacific. That’s pretty much the entire work day. During maintenance, you won’t be able to access PlayStation Home or the PlayStation Store. You’ll be lucky if you can log-on to PSN at all.

There’s some good news stemming from all this. The weekly PlayStation Store update will happen today (September 20, 2010) instead of Tuesday. Tuesday is also the day firmware 3.50 is scheduled to be released. Perhaps that’s what all this maintenance is all about. Firmware 3.50 will enable 3D Blu-ray playback on the PS3 and add a few additional features. Sony promised additional details on the firmware update would be released sometime today.

We can’t help but wonder if content previously scheduled to release Tuesday will be released today instead. Red Dead Redemption’s Liars & Cheats Pack and Blade Kitten are supposed to be released tomorrow.

Via [PlayStation Blog] Read [Joystiq]

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