BioShock Infinite gameplay video and images released

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BioShock Infinite is getting a huge amount of attention for a game that won’t be out until 2012. Today (September 21, 2010) the previously restricted gameplay video of BioShock Infinite was released on Xbox Live. Go to the video section Xbox Live Marketplace to download the video for free. It will take up almost 500MB of hard drive space. Irrational Games also provided a few new screenshots from the game straight from the video.

The video shows Booker DeWitt’s early moments after entering the floating city of Columbia. He first walks down the street as a horse pulls a carriage with no wheels. Further up the road is a woman sweeping in front of a shop that’s engulfed in flames. These two images prove that something is horribly wrong in Columbia. The game’s player slowly walks past propaganda posters that are filled with xenophobic messages and imagery. The people in power in Columbia is adamantly against foreigners and persons of different ethnic backgrounds. Booker soon finds himself under attack by Columbia’s citizens armed with guns and heavy artillery.

We also get a glimpse at some of the powers that will Booker will have access to. Lightning attacks make a return in addition to telekinesis. Booker and Elizabeth can also team up to make devastating area attacks.

You should read up on why Columbia is in the middle of a civil war before watching the video. It will give you more substance as to why the people behave like they do.

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