How far would you go for free Microsoft Points?

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Bing logo Microsoft really wants you to use Bing. Bing is Microsoft’s search engine that hopes to pull you away from Google’s death grip. Microsoft knows it’s incredibly difficult to convince people to use Bing in place of Google. After all, Google has done something no other search engine has ever done – become a verb. Whenever someone wants to know something, they Google it. We don’t Yahoo it or Jeeve’s it. Microsoft tried to duplicate Google’s success with its Bing It campaign, but it didn’t quite work out as well as Microsoft might have hoped. Now Microsoft has a plan to bring more users to Bing. It has introduced a program called Bing Rewards that gives users credits in exchange for searches and performing Microsoft suggested actions. All you have to do is download the Bing Bar.

You may be wondering what this has to do with games. One of the rewards you can earn through using Bing are Microsoft Points. In fact, you’ll get 250 credits just for signing up for Bing. It all sounds enticing, but there’s always a catch. First of all, if you use a Mac, forget about participating. Microsoft’s Bing Bar doesn’t like Macs. Secondly, you have to use Internet Explorer. If you’re like me, you don’t go anywhere near Internet Explorer. It’s slower, more crowded and more risky than the other popular browsers such as Google’s Chrome or Firefox.

But let’s say Bing Rewards are too tempting to pass up. Let’s assume you decide the prospect of getting free stuff is worth using an inferior browser. Bing Rewards are set up so that it will take a very long time to earn anything worthwhile. According to Search Engine Land, you will earn one Bing credit for every five searches until October 2. You are only allowed to earn up to eight credits per day. A DVD copy of the movie Up costs 3528 credits. It would take 441 days to earn enough credits to get this one particular DVD. Do you still think it’s worth it?

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  • LiKuidFox

    I am doing this, and it's actually one credit for every two searches and up to ten credits per day. I've already purchased 200 MS points, and I am close to another 100 points. I plan on bailing after that.

  • Mark

    Um, the guy that wrote this post is WAY off. You can EASILY get points REALLY quick.

    In 4 days I've pulled in 400 points (for 400 FREE Microsoft points) Woohoo!

    The guy above is closer, but still off. You get 1 point for every 2 searches for up to SIXTEEN (16) points a day. That's 100 free points every 10 days. PLUS if you watch the "CURRENT OFFERS" tab under the Bing Ribbon at the top you can pick up 30-100 more points a week.

    It's possible to pull 200 free Microsoft points a week even after the initial signup points. I'm loving the free stuff off Xbox live and Zune.

  • Robert Swift

    This article is out of Date. Internet Explorer, as of version 9 and above is fast and standards compliant. It is no longer an inferior browser and is in many respects, superior with its gpu acceleration. Bing is also very good. Old stereotypes die hard, but good products go a long ways to correct those misconceptions. Keep up the good work.

  • Justin

    @Mark, each person get's a different set of points. Not sure how Bing is determining this, but I'm getting 1 point for every 5 searches (up to 8 a day) and my co-worker who is sitting right beside me is getting 1 point for every 2 searches (up to 16 a day).

    Also, this works perfectly fine in firefox on a Mac.