The Wii is getting a new controller

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In the beginning there was the old fashioned Wii Remote. It’s motion control capabilities were decent, but nowhere near perfect. Then came a little accessory called Wii MotionPlus. By connecting this to your existing Wii Remote, you were given as close to 1:1 motion that Nintendo could offer. Now Nintendo has decided to permanently meld the Wii Remote and Wii MotionPlus together in a new controller it’s calling Wii Remote Plus.

Wii Remote Plus will be featured in an upcoming game called FlingSmash. The game is currently listed on Gamestop’s website for $49.99 with an expected release date of November 7, 2010. FlingSmash is a game that is a mixture between pinball and tennis. The description of the game says you’ll control a character named Zip and fling him at numerous targets on each level. You’ll knock Zip around like a tennis ball as the screen scrolls to the right. That sounds pretty fun actually.

Nintendo has confirmed the existence of Wii Remote Plus, but isn’t offering any details. Since the description of FlingSmash only mentions Wii MotionPlus and not the Wii Remote Plus, it’s easy to assume the box art contains erroneous copy. Thanks to Nintendo, that assumption will never be made.

FlingSmash is developed and Published by Nintendo of America. This is most likely why Wii Remote Plus is being introduced in this particular game. We await Nintendo’s response on whether Wii Remote Plus will be sold separately, or if it will only come with FlingSmash initially.

I’m starting to see similarities to Wii Play in FlingSmash. One could argue Wii Play’s immense success was due to the extra Wii Remote that came with the game. It made more sense financially to buy Wii Play rather than a stand alone Wii Remote. We’ll post more details as they come.

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