Cave Story DS is a DSiWare game

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Cave StoryThe beloved indie masterpiece Cave Story is going to be ported again. This time, Nicalis is bringing it to another Nintendo platform – the DSi. Yes, DSi. The DS version of Cave Story is going to be released as a DSiWare download. This means only DSi and DSi XL owners will get to play it.

Nicalis spread the good news to Nintendo Power, GoNintendo and Nintendo Life. In order, Nintendo Power got to announce it, GoNintendo was given details about it and Nintendo Life got screenshots and details. It will have the classic Cave Story graphics, not the optional revamped ones from the Wii release and is actually already finished. Daisuke Amaya, the original creator of the PC version who’s also known as Pixel, has even played Nicalis’ DSiWare adaptation and approved it.

There’s no word yet on when Cave Story will debut on the DSi Shop, or how much it will cost. The Wii version cost 1,200 Wii Points ($12), so I’d say at least $8.

So yay for DSi owners, who’ll get an amazingly awesome game to play on the go. Us regular DS owners are seething with jealousy over here.

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