Minecraft developer has earned $350,000 in one day

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There’s a indie game called Minecraft that is currently taking the gaming scene by storm. Minecraft is one of those games where you have to make your own fun. You have to hunt for resources in order to build structures. There are also monsters in the game that you can fend off by using those same resources. It’s one of those games that has to be experienced before you truly understand what’s going on. No one would blame you for taking a chance on Minecraft because the game is selling like crazy.

Minecraft has sold over 257,000 copies to date. A lot of those purchases were made recently as news of the game quickly spread across the internet’s most popular videogame websites. Minecraft costs about $13 and is sold to one person every three seconds. Total sales for a single day has earned developer Markus Persson over $350,000. That equates to around 1,122 copies of Minecraft sold every hour. Therefore Persson’s hourly wage is just under $15,000. At this rate Persson will be a millionaire before the end of the week. The funny thing is that Minecraft isn’t even a full game. It’s still in development.

Minecraft is only available for PC. In an interview with PC in July 2010, Persson flirted with the possibility of creating a limited Android version of the game. A console release for Minecraft seems unlikely. The game relies heavily on the open nature the PC provides. Console manufactures would limit the amount of freedom an individual has on its platforms.

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