Gameforge releasing browser-based Star Trek game in 2011

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Infinite SpaceFacebook gaming, the final frontier.

Almost every license that can become a browser-based game is getting that treatment, so it figures Star Trek would be coming along. Publisher Gameforge has announced Star Trek: Infinite Space, a free social game set during in the universe as portrayed in Deep Space Nine. Keen Games will handle development duties.

Infinite Space is slated for a summer 2011 release.

DS9 was actually my favorite Trek series since the original but even I’m shocked it’s the show Gameforge picked. The publisher will have expert help from the husband and wife tandem of Michael and Denise Okuda. Michael did graphic design for four of the Star Trek shows and several of its movies and the pair co-authored the Star Trek Encyclopedia.

I’m pumped for this one. Star Trek has a wealth of alien worlds to explore, artifacts to find and civilizations to go to war with. Even though this isn’t set during Captain Kirk’s era, there are plenty of opportunities for intergalactic romance as well. Star Trek used to be the go-to franchise for that but Mass Effect has rapidly gained ground there.

If you want this game to be a hit, Gameforge, forbidden alien romance is the key.

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