Toys ‘R Us holding “Biggest Video Gaming Sale Ever” October 10-16

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Toys R Us Sale Ad October 10-16, 2010Toys ‘R Us is holding a massive sale this week, guaranteed to entice gamers to step into the store. Every video game related item in every Toys ‘R Us store is part of a buy two, get the third free sale. Granted, the cheapest of the three items will be free, but still. It’s a massive affair. Especially since this sale doesn’t just relate to video games or accessories. It also includes game strategy guides and clothing. The front of the ad shows a selection of some of the items available, and boasts about there being over 800 applicable items to choose from. Granted, each store probably won’t have 800, but there still will be a great selection.

A quick flip to the inside page also reveals some more gamer items that aren’t part of the promotion. All DSi XLs or 4gb Xbox 360s bought between October 10-16, 2010 will come with a $10 Toys ‘R Us gift card. You can’t use the gift card until six hours after getting it though, and it will expire January 31, 2011. So it may be smart to get the DSi XL or Xbox 360, go have lunch or something, then come back to take advantage of the buy two get one free sale to get some games and use the giftcard.

Toys ‘R Us also took the time to put Just Dance 2 (Wii), Super Scribblenauts (DS) and Medal of Honor (PS3, Xbox 360) in its ad. The three games aren’t on sale or discounted, but are included in the buy two get the third free deal.

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