Microsoft demonstrates games on Windows Phone 7

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Windows Phone 7 Earlier today (October 11, 2010) Microsoft held an event showing off Windows Phone 7. Windows Phone 7 hopes to integrate the primary capabilities everyone wants in a smartphone such as social networking, third party applications and gaming. Windows Phone 7 devices will be the only smartphones with access to Xbox Live. You’ll be able to purchase the first Windows Phone 7 in early November.

Microsoft announced that Electronic Arts is among the first publishers to support Windows Phone 7 right out the gate. One of the first games that will debut on the device is The Sims 3. The Sims 3 will have a pinch to zoom and a panning feature. Other EA games for Windows Phone 7 include Need for Speed Undercover, MONOPOLY and Tetris. Furthermore, every Windows Phone 7 game supported by EA will be enabled for Xbox Live. You’ll be able to earn Achievements from your phone that will reflect on your Xbox Live profile.

ilomilo was another game that was featured during the conference. In this game, you have to navigate ilo and milo around maze-like stages in order to reunite them. The stages are fully 3D and the built-in accelerometer helps you move the game’s camera around to get a better angle of the stage. ilomilo will be exclusive to AT&T Windows Phone 7 purchasers and will also arrive on Xbox Live.

Avatars can also be customized right on your phone. There will be some games that offer Avatar rewards just like on the Xbox 360. Once such award is a MTV Moon Man trophy.

Multiplayer gaming is a big part of Windows Phone 7. Since Microsoft is building upon the existing Xbox Live infrastructure, expect the experience to be very similar to that on the Xbox 360.

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