Rumor: Redbox to start offering videogame rentals nationwide

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Redbox Redbox is not just for renting DVD’s anymore. The service has been testing the demand for videogame rentals. Reports from this morning say Redbox is ready to begin offering videogame rentals at its thousands of kiosks around the United States.

After perusing the game section of the Redbox website, I noticed the PSP is not one of the platforms on the list. We contacted Redbox for an explanation and received the following response.

“Please note that redbox is only testing video game rentals at select locations in select markets and the test is NOT nationwide. The company is testing multiple titles and platforms.”

Since a representative from Redbox denies a nationwide rollout at this point, we cannot confirm that there will be videogame rentals in your area within a few weeks.

The games will allegedly cost $2 a day to rent. On its website, Redbox offers titles for the DS, PS2, PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii. Among the games that will be available are Medal of Honor, NBA 2K11, NBA Jam, Dead Rising 2, GTA: Episodes from Liberty City and many more. Unlike DVD’s, games cannot be reserved online. This could be because game rentals have not rolled out in mass yet. Redbox provides a way on its website for you to check if your area will be carrying games at Redbox locations. I’ve done a search for multiple zip codes in my area (Indianapolis) and have not gotten any results. This is further indication that nationwide Redbox game rentals hasn’t been made official yet.

Via [Redbox] Read [Xbox 360 Digest]

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  • bob

    I'm in a tiny town in California, 93555 zip code. It looks like all of our kiosks except Wal-Mart will be getting games. Even Mojave is getting games. Mojave's population is all of 3800 people. My town has no other physical rental stores anymore. I imagine Redbox rentals shot up quite a bit once Blockbuster and Hollywood video left. I'm looking forward to trying this out.