ngmoco will be purchased for $400 million

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Godfinger lightning ngmoco, the extremely popular iPhone game developer behind such works as We Rule, Rolando and GodFinger, is about to be acquired by DeNA. DeNA is a Japanese company that has found great success in social gaming. DeNA is known for Mobage-town which is a social network designed for mobile phones.

The New York Times reports DeNA will pay $400 million for ngmoco. DeNA is looking for a way to break into the western market. The founder and CEO of DeNA, Tomoko Namba, told the New York Times she wants her company to be the number one mobile gaming platform in the world.

Namba wants the western expansion of DeNA to happen by 2012.

“We want to enable developers to go cross-device and to go cross-border. And we need this to happen quickly, in about the next one or two years,” she said.

This acquisition will make it easier for developers to make games on both iOS and Android devices. Neil Young, founder of ngmoco, encourages developers to work with DeNA so their games can be available to western and eastern markets. ngmoco’s Plus+ platform will join with Mobage to create a worldwide mobile social network for games.

Mobage-town has already attracted Capcom which launched Monster Hunter on the service in August. Over half a million people signed up for the game within 17 days of its release.

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