Rune Factory Oceans goes multiplatform

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Rune Factory Frontier WiiFor the first time in the series, an entry in the Rune Factory series will appear on two platforms at the same time. Marvelous Entertainment is working on a new console version of the game called Rune Factory Oceans, and it will be appearing on both the Wii and PS3. This will also make Rune Factory Oceans the first Rune Factory game to appear on a Sony console or handheld. Good for them.

The Oceans subtitle stems from the fact that the hero and heroine will get to explore the ocean surrounding his or her homeland in the game. There’ll be this giant called Ymir, he’s apparently quite friendly and willing to let Azel or Sonia hitch a ride. This means there’ll be sea monsters to fight and islands for Ymir to relocate to more convenient locations. Perhaps this is how new dungeons will be unlocked.

Rune Factory Oceans will also be the first console entry to allow players to choose the gender of the hero. When the game begins, everyone will switch between playing as Azel or Sonia. Then, once you reach a certain point in the game, you’ll be able to choose which one you want as your main character.

Since Rune Factory Oceans has only just been announced in the latest issue of Famitsu, there’s no localization news yet. I’m sure North America will eventually get it though. After all, every Rune Factory game so far has been released in the US, either by Natsume or XSEED. And even if it doesn’t get picked up, it’s no big deal. The PS3 is region-free so people can always import.

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