Angry Birds is free on Android

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Angry Birds Angry Birds is one of the best games to be released on the App Store. It’s also one of the best selling. Rovio has taken Angry Birds and delivered it Android phone users for free. This is the full version of Angry Birds, but it will contain ad support from Google and AdMob.

You’re not going to find the full version of Angry Birds on the Android Market right now. Rovio decided to distribute the game through GetJar. When you visit GetJar’s website, it will ask you to enter what kind of phone you have. Afterwards, you’ll be able to download Angry Birds and transfer it to your phone.

As of 9:30am (Eastern), Angry Birds has been downloaded almost 95,000 times from GetJar. Rovio’s website is also inaccessible. A message on Rovio’s site says the Android release of Angry Birds has generated so much traffic, the site has shut down. That sounds like a successful launch to me.

NetJar has a big list of Android phones that are compatible with Angry Birds. Your phone is more than likely on this list.

I highly recommend you download Angry Birds. The concept of hurling birds with a giant slingshot is appealing enough, but this game also demands you use some strategy. Each bird has a special ability that is usually needed to complete each level. It gets even more demanding as the game goes on.

Download [GetJar] Read [Phandroid]

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