Get ready for the dating sim MMORPG Lucent Heart

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Lucent HeartGamania has picked up Playcoo’s dating massive multiplayer online game, Lucent Heart. Yes, dating. That means the game is designed to sort-of act as a dating service, along with being a free-to-play MMORPG. The goal is to help players find groups of people to play with easily. And if an actual romance happens along the way, good for them. Mainly it’s about maintaining fake/virtual romances to help make it easier to get through the game.

Here, the trailer does a really good job of summing things up, and it doesn’t even need words to do it!

I love that part where the couple are on the hill and some random dude comes up and starts dancing all crazy during their romantic moment. You know that’s totally going to happen all the time in-game.

Here’s a short, Lucent Heart “Caramelldansen” trailer:

Nice to see Gamania isn’t taking Lucent Heart too seriously.

Aside from the whole dating game aspect, Lucent Heart will have other unique properties. For example, astrology is a huge factor in the game, influencing character’s luck, abilities and emotions. It also has Cupid Service for matchmaking to find friends or a potential mate. There will also be four classes, each with two advanced classes, lots of monsters to fight and pets and mounts to collect.

I suppose it isn’t too unusual an idea. Lots of people have met using MMORPGs like World of Warcraft and gotten into relationships. Lucent Heart is just going a little further and making it part of gameplay. The idea that your avatar will automatically get enraged if his or her mate falls in battle even makes sense.

Gamania is also holding a contest to find a Lucent Heart spokes-woman. Restrictions and details aren’t exactly offered, but to enter you head to the Lucent Heart Facebook page, “like” it, take a picture of yourself that also has your name and last initial written on a sign or your hand, send it in between October 20, 2010 and November 20, 2010 and wait. Gamania will then choose allow people to vote on a winner. The woman who wins gets $1,000 cash will be the Lucent Heart representative.

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  • Manna

    Can you make this game an app on google play for everyone to play? Please and thank you.

  • Manna

    The game Lucent heart that is.