Check out these 5 scary games released in 2010 on Halloween

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Dementium II DS BoxHalloween’s this weekend, so time to find something to play that will get you in the right mood. 2010 has been a relatively slow year for horror games, but there were five new releases that might be perfect for some quick scares. Whether you’re looking for gory or just plain unsettling, one of these might be the right pick for you.

Let’s look at five thrilling 2010 game releases:

  • Amnesia: The Dark Descent (Windows, Mac): A first person horror game where players are trapped in Brennenburg Castle with a number of horrible creatures and have to find a way out. You have to manage your character’s health and sanity to survive.
  • Dementium II (DS): You must help a man named William Redmoor escape from the frightning Bright Dawn Treatment Center. It’s short, but surprisingly scary for a DS game.
  • Silent Hill: Shattered Memories (PS2, PSP, Wii): A reimagining of the original Silent Hill that focuses on puzzle and adventure, and no combat. All the monsters look the same, which makes it more unsettling than really scary.
  • Saw II: Flesh & Blood (PS3, Xbox 360): Help Michael Tapp survive Jigsaw’s tests while also trying to learn more about his father, Detective Tapp. This game’s more about the gore than the scares, much like the movies.
  • Hydrophobia (Xbox 360): You are trapped below decks of the Queen of the World as it is flooding, and have to try and find a way to escape. Most of the scares here come from wondering if you’ll actually survive.

I’d say go for Hydrophobia. It’s quite thrilling and looks cool. Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is also a good candidate for Halloween scares, but don’t expect to see a wide selection of scary creatures.

So, what do you think? What scary games will you be playing on Halloween?

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  • dave

    This is an awful list. You don't even include RDR Undead Nightmare. Most of us (north americans) don't have DS nor care for it so those title don't interest me. This is a weak halloween lineup. I won't be playing any of these.

  • Jenni Lada

    Red Dead Redemption isn't a horror game. Undead Nightmare is simply a DLC add-on with additional missions and a brief extra adventure. (Brief when compared to the main story.)

    I wanted to focus on games that actually fell into the "horror" genre and might scare the player for the list. These are all just suggestions.

    Also, the DS has outsold all other current video game platforms this generation. So while you might not be interested in seeing a DS horror game on this list, the over 128 million people who bought one might be.

    (DS sale stat taken from <a href="; target="external">Shacknews)

  • block

    (A shooter with zombies doesn't make it a horror game, but that doesn't mean its fun :P)
    I would say Amnesia: The dark descent, as being the scariest game there (and the one I'll be playing), but I'd buy Hydrophobia if I had an Xbox 360.