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GameStop PowerUp Rewards Program logo card

GameStop’s PowerUp promotion is a go! Now you can register for a free PowerUp card, which gives you standard bonuses like points for purchases, PowerUp offers, a birthday bonus and an entry in each Epic Reward Giveaway. There’s also a premium Pro PowerUp card, that replaces the existing Edge card. It gives owners everything a free card does, plus 10% more points on each purchase, a year’s worth of Game Informer magazine, a 10% discount on used games and two entries in each Epic Reward Giveaway.

So if you have one of these cards and then buy stuff at GameStop, you earn points. get enough points and you can get GameStop or iTunes gift cards, Netflix or Xbox Live Gold subscriptions, Nintendo Point/Microsoft Point/PSN cards and more. You can also make a game library directory on the PowerUp site and enter special contests. Members will also receive special offers on their birthdays.

Granted, it could take you a couple of years to actually earn a even a small reward with PowerUp, but still. Odds are most people are going to go for the free membership anyways, or get the Pro version just for preowned game discounts. If you’re going to be buying or selling to GameStop, it doesn’t hurt to register for a free card just in case. Maybe you’ll never earn enough points to get something, but maybe you will.

To get your card, you can either head to your local GameStop to register for one. Some stores might not have them yet, so you should probably head to the PowerUp Rewards website and click the Get a Card link to have GameStop notify you when a store in your area has it. Once you get your card, you can create a PowerUp Rewards account and activate it online to start working towards earning something special.

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