Sony finally announces American PlayStation Move sales

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PS Move with PS3

Sony Computer Entertainment of America has shined some light on how well PlayStation Move fared in its territory. SCEE announced last week Move had sold 1.5 million units in Europe in its first month. Did America take to Move as well as Europeans? Well, yes and no. Jack Tretton, president of SCEA revealed PlayStation Move sold one million units in its first month. The catch is PlayStation Move wasn’t actually purchased by one million customers.

Tretton told Reuters demand for Move has in high demand.

“We had to go back and increase production twice, we’re absolutely maxed out right now,” Tretton said.

Similar words were spoken by SCEE boss Andrew House who said SCEE would likely speed up production of Move units to keep up with demand.

When Tretton said Move had sold one million units, he was referring to the amount sold to retailers. Therefore we have no clear idea of how many people actually bought Move in September. It’s even harder to determine what individual sales were for the United States because Sony included Latin America sales into the total figure.

Tretton says Sony will meet its sales goals for this year and expects those numbers to increase. As with any piece of hardware, support of first and third-party developers are essential to have continued success.

This week Sony released The Shoot and Time Crisis: Razing Storm, two games that were developed to take advantage of PlayStation Move.

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