Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock is Amazon’s Deal of the Day

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Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock Bundle Xbox 360 box

If you don’t want to get together a band with Rock Band 3, you can always go it solo with Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock and Amazon. The retailer’s Deal of the Day for the video game section is the latest entry in the Guitar Hero series. All versions are on sale for all consoles, so whether you need a bundle or just the game, you’re covered.

The best deals are the bundles, surprisingly enough. Normally, the PS3/Wii/Xbox 360 Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock bundle, which comes with a guitar controller and the game, is $99.99. Amazon’s taken $30 off the price today and is selling each version for only $69.99. That’s only $10 more than the game alone would normally cost.

If you only need the game, then the stand-alone version of Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock isn’t a bad deal either. It’s normally $59.99, but is on sale for $41.99 today. You’re almost saving $20. I’d still say go for the bundle deal – it never hurts to have an extra controller, especially since most of the recent Guitar Hero releases have multiplayer.

As usual, the promotion only lasts until either Amazon runs out of stock or October 25, 2010 arrives. Since all the sale items today are over $25, they all qualify for free Super Saver shipping.

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