Dynasty Warriors 7 jumps on the 3D train

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Dynasty Warriors 7

During the Tokyo Game Show last September, Tecmo Koei announced Dynasty Warriors 7 will be coming exclusively to the PS3. The company has released a few more details about the game including its release date and optional 3D support. The Dynasty Warriors series is not known for dramatic gameplay changes in its sequels. Dynasty Warriors 7 brings a few changes that may finally bring a little freshness to the franchise.

Dynasty Warriors 7 is expected to release in March 2011. We don’t know how many characters the game will have, but it will include three new characters. Sima Shi, Sima Zhao, and Bao Sanniang are making their debut. Though not confirmed by Tecmo Koei, I’m assuming Sima Shi and Sima Zhao will represent the Wei dynasty and Bao Sanniang may be on the side of Shu. Maybe Wu will also get some more characters. Wu was my favorite dynasty to play as in past Dynasty Warriors games.

Siliconera reports Dynasty Warriors 7 will have seamless transitions into cut-scenes. Tecmo Koei believes this will make the game more cinematic. It’s presumed the quick black screen between cutscenes has been removed. It won’t be missed. A Chronicle Mode was also announced. It’s not clear what this mode encompasses, but it will have something to do with stages you complete in the story mode.

As far as actual gameplay goes, Dynasty Warriors 7 will let you switch between two weapons on the fly. You can also string together combos using the two weapons. Musou attacks can also be combined. You now have access to two different musou attacks. Lu Bu is probably still a beast to fight against.

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