How to celebrate Halloween, MMORPG style

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Guild Wars lunatic court costumes Halloween is approaching soon, boys and ghouls. Got any plans? I’m sure many of you will take the kids trick-or-treating, or even trick-or-treat yourselves. Good luck in finding that one house that gives full-size candy bars! But before you get in costume and bug your neighbors for sweets, you may want to check out the festivities in your favorite MMORPGs. Several games will once again bask in the Halloween spirit, with special themed quests, items, and costumes for players. Please note that this is not an inclusive list, so if I missed your MMORPG, please don’t take it personally.

Age of Conan is celebrating their Night of Lost Souls from October 22 – November 2, 2010. There are quests that involve tracking down and defeating three lost souls, and you can get funky looking items like a wicked skull mask and even a lost soul as a social pet.

Aion’s warring factions the Elyos and Asmodians can temporarily put down their weapons and celebrate the Harvest Revel. Apparently, this year you’ll have to track down some candy thieves. In return, you’ll be rewarded with fun items like present boxes and pumpkin pouches, but you may also receive useful items like manastones, scrolls, and enchantment stones. The Harvest Revel starts tomorrow (October 27) and ends on November 10.

Champions Online will kick off their Blood Moon event tomorrow, and ends on November 2nd. Expect to see zombies and undead heroes roaming the streets of Millennium City while you can hunt werewolves in Canada. There’s even a new PvP map called “Zombie Apocalypse” in which a group of players trapped in a cabin have to fend off the zombie horde outside. If you die, no sweat — you just return as a zombie.

City of Heroes’ (that OTHER superhero MMO) Halloween event started on October 21st and will end right on Halloween (October 31st). They’ve got a Zombie Apocalypse of some sorts too, but if you grow tired of undead killing you can always go trick-or-treating and may end up with fun costumes (the treat) or accidentally spawn some enemies (the trick). You can even collect Halloween-themed badges.

Dungeons and Dragons Online has their Endless Night event, starting tomorrow (though I couldn’t find information on when it ends). The event mainly takes place in Delera’s Graveyard and while that area is normally only for subscribers, for Endless Night even the free-to-play crowd can participate in the merriment of zombie killing. As usual, there are fun items to collect and special monsters to kill. If you’re not lucky with the drops you can always purchase some at the Turbine store.

Guild Wars’ Mad King Thorn and his crew return another year to dole out the dark Halloween fun in Tyria. Unlike past events that only lasted a day, this year the Mad King is staying for quite some time, from October 21 – November 2. Expect the usual shenanigans from the Mad King as he rewards players with giant pumpkin heads and other Halloween-themed headgear. But the fun isn’t limited to PvE. In Guild vs. Guild matches, all the regular NPCs have been temporarily replaced with more ghoulish ones. Furthermore, your guild has to protect the Mad King himself.

Lord of the Rings Online celebrates both Halloween and autumn with its Fall Festival. Harvesmath Festival. Players can bob for apples, visit a haunted hobbit cellar, earn their way towards a really pretty horse, and if they’re really lucky, win a skeletal mount! The Harvesmath festival began on October 19, 2010 and will continue through November 15th so you have a lot of time to enjoy the activities in Middle-earth.

World of Warcraft has their Hallow’s End event, which runs from October 18 – October 31 this year. You can obtain some treats from any vendor, though a few may pull a trick on you instead! There’s also bobbing for apples and a cute little quest involving giving some sick orphans candy. Speaking of which, keep an eye out for special candy buckets, which can grant you some temporary buffs. And what’s that? The Headless Horseman just rode into town?

Have fun at your respective MMORPGs’ festivals!

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