Play Akaneiro while waiting for Alice: Madness Returns

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Akaneiro iPadAlice: Madness Returns won’t be ready until sometime in 2011, but Spicy Pony Games has another haunting game ready to keep you company while you wait. Akaneiro has just been released on iTunes, ready for iPad owners to scoop up and enjoy at the bargain price of $3.99. Yay for dark and unsettling versions of familiar fairy tales!

Akaneiro falls into the book category on iTunes, but really it’s closer to a visual novel. Players follow a new variation of the “Little Red Riding Hood”, set in feudal Japan and starring a little girl named Akaneiro – Angry Red. She seemed to getting by, living alone in her temple. But that tranquility doesn’t last, and she finds herself being hunted by the wolf again.

Akaneiro is a fifty page adventure with text and voice acting, so you don’t have read if you don’t want to. There are also five puzzles scattered throughout the story to get viewers involved, and touching the screen at certain points will alter the environment.

It sounds like this could be the perfect little adventure to set the mood, what with Halloween creeping up this weekend. You could read it ahead of time or while doling out candy on Sunday!

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