Rovio doesn’t need no stinkin’ publisher

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Angry Birds Halloween When Angry Birds publisher Chillingo was purchased by Electronic Arts, EA left the door open for Rovio to develop more games with Chillingo. Rovio had other ideas in mind. Rovio said it would not work with Chillingo again. It’s not because Rovio has something against EA. Rovio just doesn’t believe publishers are needed in the current gaming enviornment. For now, it appears Rovio has a point.

Angry Birds Halloween is the first self-published game from Rovio. It was released on October 16, 2010 on the App Store. Since then, Angry Birds Halloween has sold over one million copies. Lightning has indeed struck twice for Rovio. It has proven that brand recognition is more important than who publishes a game. Angry Birds Halloween also sells for 99 cents. The original Angry Birds has been purchased well over six million times. The free Android version also has over a couple million downloads. Somebody at Rovio has become a wealthy individual.

Angry Birds Halloween adds 45 extra levels. It is a separate experience from the original Angry Birds. The premise remains the same. You launch angry birds at pigs who stole their eggs. This time, you have to deal with pumpkins. I think if Rovio substituted pumpkins with zombies, it would have way more sales by now.

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