Resident Evil creator joins ZeniMax

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Shinji Mikami ZeniMax Media announced today (October 28, 2010) that it has acquired Tango Gameworks, a deal that also brings famed game developer Shinji Mikami into the company’s team of developers. Mikami is the creator of the Resident Evil franchise and was director on the recently released Vanquish. Tango Gameworks is now a division of ZeniMax Asia and joins Bethesda, id Software and Arkane Studios under the ZeniMax umbrella.

Mikami and his team will be developing triple-A multiplatform titles that will be published by Bethesda. Mikami himself will serve as creative lead on all of Tango Gameworks’ projects. Neither ZeniMax nor Tango Gameworks have announced any details regarding the nature of the games Mikami will work on. On Tango Gameworks’ website, Makami is quoted as saying his company will, “Make a game that will make Japan proud.” The goal of his studio is to create games just as the creator envisions it as opposed to sacrificing individuality to sell millions of copies. Tango Gameworks is based in Japan and currently employs a staff of 35 people.

Tango’s staff will continue to grow. The company is currently looking to fill positions for a designer, programmer, 2D/3D artist and an animator.

ZeniMax Media’s latest acquisition puts it in a better position to reach out to Japanese gamers. Having a renowned Japanese game developer by its side really helps to give Bethesda credibility in the region. Whenever either company gets around to making a game announcement, we’ll have it for you here.

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