Capcom has shipped 2 million copies of Dead Rising 2

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Dead Rising 2 cell phone I think it’s fair to say Dead Rising 2 didn’t bomb. It still carries with it that love it or hate it mentality, but it does improve upon some of the original Dead Rising‘s setbacks. After a lot of promotions and positive reviews, Capcom announced it has shipped 2 million units of Dead Rising 2 around the world.

Shipped units are not the same as purchased units. Capcom shipped 2 million copies of Dead Rising 2 to retail outlets. That means the game has sold well enough for stores to order more, but doesn’t mean 2 million customers actually bought the game. We saw this very situation last week when SCEA announced PlayStation Move sales. Capcom says over 4 million units of the Dead Rising franchise have been shipped to date. These numbers probably don’t include Dead Rising 2: Case Zero because it is a digital download.

Capcom also announced the completion of its acquisition of Dead Rising 2 developer Blue Castle Games. This purchase was originally announced at the Tokyo Game Show. Blue Castle Games will now be known as Capcom Game Studio Vancouver. It doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Dead Rising 2 is still coming out with purchasable costumes. The final ninja costume will be released on November 2nd. We’re also waiting to hear more details on Dead Rising 2: Case West.

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