Gamertell Preview: 23+ minutes of TRON: Legacy

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Tron Legacy movie posterTo help promote the movie and give fans a freebie peek, Disney brought 23+ minutes of the film to IMAX 3D screens across North America. Below is a look at the scenes we were allowed to see.

This special preview of the film was called TRON Night: An IMAX 3D Experience and took place at the same time in all theaters across the US. You were able to get tickets online or at the theater beginning October 10, 2010.

Everyone was given a wrist band and the table at my theater where we signed in had posters and a few post cards to take home. They also did not let us take in any electronic devices (cell phones were bagged but someone still snuck in an iPad, and was ballsy enough to sit in the front row so everyone saw it).

As for the segments we saw, the militant types are all in redish orange and, while we didn’t get to see scenes featuring evil Flynn, aka Clu 2.0, the police-ish programs all glow redish orange and were incredibly stoic. Their voices even seem to be modulated to make them more computer like. Everyone else glows blue or, a in a few exceptions, white. The games are called War Games and, as the previous film, involve uses of the glowing disc housed on their back. We do see several different vehicles including the revamped light cycles (which can now turn curves instead of 90 degrees, something we saw in the TRON game preview at E3 2010).

The Grid settings were all very high-tech with plenty of glowing lines and smooth moving doors. Very slick. The lightning was even The Grid de-rezing (or is that “derezzing?”) for a moment a la Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s holodeck. In fact, a lot of the movie had echoes of other science fiction films. I’m sure you’ll have fun spotting them all the third and fourth time you see the movie.

TRON: Legacy will be in theaters December 17, 2010, and the video game will be available November 1, 2010. So far I am very glad they did not make the rumored TRON 2000 movie.

Here’s a bullet-point look at what was shown, in order, at TRON Night:

  • After a preview for Megamind (a Dreamworks movie teased at a Disney screening? Weird.) we were greeted with a very TRON-esque typewritten welcome message (which naturally started with, “Greetings Programs”) from a Disney exec explaining when to wear the glasses and that this will consist of 23+ minutes of the movie. They also said we’re the first in the world to see any of the movie in IMAX 3D.
  • The actual movie segments started rather 2D with Scene 20, with Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund) coming home on his motorcycle (real world footage), cracking open a beer and talking with Alan Bradley (Bruce Boxleitner). They discussed the page Alan received from Sam’s father, Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges), that has been shown in pretty much all the TRON: Legacy trailers so far. We got the full scenes so there was much more dialogue. Basically, Bradley has been Sam’s surrogate father since Kevin mysteriously disappeared (we learn this in dialogue, so there is likely some flashback shown in the first 19 scenes).
  • Jump to scene 25 or so when Sam goes to Flynn’s Arcade (there’s some sweet ’80s tunage as well), gives ye olde Tron machine a quarter and discovers daddy’s dungeonesque secret office. He turns on the computer (tabletop touchscreen, of course), activates the laser and…
  • Jump to a scene with Sam in “The Grid,” being picked up by a giant Recognizer. He’s “strapped” in and transported to a different area where he is given a sentence of “Games.” One guy has part of his face de-rezed. The other guy who got that sentence take a flying leap into what looks like a giant fan. Sam is prepped for the Games, given a data disc (because, not being a program, he of course doesn’t have one) and otherwise costumed by four white Sirens (the term “Gamer Girl” will have a new meaning after this movie).
  • Sam is brought up via a prison-ish cell with transparent walls to the Game Arena (which, strangely enough, includes cheering crowds). The cell opens, he steps on to a larger platform and is then encased in a larger cell with another Program. He makes a joke about having this guy as a 3D model at home and then dodges discs the dude tosses at him. They break floor pieces, which plays into the strategy of the War Games. Of course, Sam wins (or this wouldn’t be a long movie).
  • Next we see Sam in a four-wheel vehicle (a Light Runner?) with a mysterious driver. They knock out a few red-lit cyclists, then proceed into more of a wilderness area with rocks, caverns and mountains. The driver is Quorra (Olivia Wilde) and giggles a bit when Sam seems concerned about her being able to navigate the tricky terrain.
  • Scene 50 or so, we see Sam and Quorra in a room with a meditating man/program which turns out to be Sam’s father, all in white (he even built a white Light Cycle which Quorra calls “An antique… but still the fastest thing on The Grid”). His meditation matte is glowing and has particles floating upward. Very compu-zen. Best line of the night: Kevin tells Quorra, “I’ve been dreaming about TRON.” He and Flynn talk for a brief moment about not seeing each other for while, embrace and Kevin takes a brief walk out an electronic window on the mountain ledge and sighs.
  • In a teaser-ish montage, we then get glimpses of other vehicles (one looks like winged programs as well as full-on jets), more light cycles, some MC commanding some DJs to make this more exciting and a moment of Clu 2.0 saying something to the extent of, “What’s your next move, Flynn,” alone in a room.
TRON Night 2010 admission wrist band

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    Great article, but please have proofreaders go through your copy before posting. Grammar and spelling are atrocious :)

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