Duke Nukem kicked out of his own game

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Duke Nukem Critical Mass Duke Nukem’s acquisition by Gearbox has caused some problems for Frontline Studios. Frontline Studios was in the process of creating Duke Nukem: Critical Mass as part of a trilogy. Since Gearbox owns the Duke now, Frontline was forced to take Duke out of the game and replace him with someone else.

The Duke Nukem Trilogy was comprised of Duke Nukem: Critical Mass (pictured), Duke Nukem: Chain Reaction and Duke Nukem: Proving Grounds. One game took place in the past, one in the present and one in the future. Frontline had it all worked out until PAX happened. Frontline can’t use Duke in its games anymore, so the studio replaced Duke Nukem with Cam Nash. The new game is called Extraction Point: Alien Shootout.

According to Frontline’s newsletter, Extraction Point: Alien Shootout is a third-person shooter set in a post-apocalyptic, alien invaded world. The goal is to shoot everything and destroy alien technology that allows them to make more soldiers and teleport around the world. There are six locations in the game including Area 51, Tokyo and Washington.

Extraction Point: Alien Shootout will be released on PSP via PSN this year. The 3DSiWare store will see the game in the second quarter of 2011.

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