Star Trek Creation Experience a good time for all

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The Westin O’Hare in Rosemont, Illinois was transformed into Starfleet headquarters for three days (October 22 through 25 2010) as hundreds of Trekkies – or Trekkers – gathered for the Official Star Trek Convention sponsored by Creation Entertainment. This year’s convention was a huge hit, very entertaining and very fun.

The most famous guests were Leonard Nimoy (Spock) and Christopher Lloyd (played a Klingon in one of the Star Trek movies and more widely known as Doc Brown from the Back to the Future film series). However, Nimoy canceled as the show began (due to minor abdominal surgery), frustrating fans who had arrived from afar to attend the convention. This was only a temporary setback as the rest of the activities progressed.

The Grand Ballroom hosted most of the panels and shows. The ample theatre provided a huge space for all the programming events and panels including actors from Deep Space Nine playing scenes from Shakespeare’s The Comedy of Errors, two actors who played Ferengi reminiscing about their time on the shows, a yes-or-no trivia game, an on-stage auction, a costume contest, music video tributes to various incarnations of Star Trek and a panel with Christopher Lloyd. The programming was great fun and catered to most aspects of the Star Trek franchise, so truly there was something for every type of fan.

Vendors were everywhere in the area selling rare items including a Christopher Pike (the first captain of the USS Enterprise) poster to rare premiums offered by fast food and toy companies. Costumed conventioneers wandered the floor as well, showing off crudely made Klingon and Vulcan costumes. Fans were also able to take pictures with the actors in their full costumes like the a random Klingon, Seven of Nine, an original series Lieutenant, a Voyager captain and other characters one would expect to encounter if one suddenly found themselves in Federation space or a quadrant near to it.

On Saturday night, an ice cream social and ballroom event was given for Gold Members of the convention. Actors who appeared in Deep Space Nine and other of the Trek shows made surprise appearances at the event along with lots of music and the dancing. In the hotel bars, Star Trek fans also made a lively presence, with some fans carrying Tribbles and making the Westin Hotel bars feel exactly like a scene from the episode The Trouble with Tribbles.

Next year, the Official Star Trek Convention for Rosemont continues with the all-encompassing theme celebrating the 45th anniversary of Star Trek so be sure to go if you enjoyed this event, or if you missed it and are kicking yourself right now!

Also thanks to my buddy Dexter for giving me some of the info about the panels I was unable to attend.

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