Square Enix brings Chocobo’s Crystal Tower and Knights of the Crystals to Facebook

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Chocobo's Crystal Tower Facebook LogoAnother major player is heading to Facebook – Square Enix. The company has just opened two new games on the social networking site, Chocobo’s Crystal Tower and Knights of the Crystals. Actually, both games are only just new to use. They’re ports of games released on GREE, a mobile social networking service available on cell phones in Japan.

Chocobo’s Crystal Tower features graphics reminiscent of the iOS game Chocobo Panic. It’s a pet simulation with RPG elements. You raise Chocobos, then send them out into the world to fight monsters and search a crystal tower for treasure for you. If you did a good job of raising them, then you’ll get lots of goodies. If you didn’t, well, time to raise more chocobos!

Knights of the Crystals, on the other hand, is similar to a lot of other Facebook RPG style games. You create a hero. You then send said hero on quests to get stronger. You can also have him face off against other characters in battles. Sounds a bit like Mafia Wars and all those other, primarily text-based, adventures. Except the characters in Knights of the Crystals look a lot like Final Fantasy characters. Which makes all the difference.

I think I’ll add Chocobo’s Crystal Tower to my profile later today. I’m a sucker for chocobos. They’re just so darn cute. Think you’ll be adding either game to your accounts?

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