The 7th Guest arriving on iTunes in December

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The 7th Guest box17 years after it’s initially release, The 7th Guest is resurfacing. Trilobyte Games, the original developer of the horrific adventure and puzzle game is working on an iOS incarnation that will be available in December, 2010. Looks like something special might make a Christmas appearance!

Ego finds himself at the mansion of a rich toymaker named Henry Stauf. Stauf invited six strangers to his mansion after remaining there alone for years, to solve puzzles he had set up for them. Now Ego is at the mansion and must solve the puzzles, find out what happened in the Stauf mansion and perhaps save the day.

Despite The 7th Guest being a landmark game, filled with all kinds of FMVs and winning multiple awards, there really haven’t been ports of it. The iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch release will be the first time it has appeared on a new platform since 1997, when it was rereleased for Windows 95 computers.

The 7th Guest isn’t the only Trilobyte game getting rereleased. The sequel, The 11th Hour will also appear on iOS devices. Apparently, the Stauf mansion and its evil couldn’t be contained, as the followup happens 60 years later and follows Carl Denning Jr. as he investigates the disappearance of his girlfriend and show producer, Robin Morales.

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