Project Sword officially renamed to Infinity Blade

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Infinity Blade Epic Games revealed a game referred to as Project Sword at Apple’s press conference back in September. The Unreal Engine 3 powered game look unbelievably good on the iPhone. It looked almost too good. After the conference, Epic released Epic Citadel, which was a tech demo of the world that Project Sword inhabited. Today (November 2, 2010) Epic and ChAIR Entertainment announced the official name for Project Sword is now Infinity Blade.

Infinity Blade is coming out for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad this holiday season. Infinity Blade is an action-RPG that culminates in a battle with the God-King. During Apple’s press conference a couple months ago, Epic said Infinity Blade would have two control schemes for casual and hardcore gamers. Combat can either be handled by on-screen commands, or by using swipe techniques.

Infinity Blade will also receive free content over time. Epic mentions a competitive multiplayer mode as one such feature. Infinity Blade will use Apple’s Game Center to help gamers fight with people on their friends list or otherwise. The game will also have support for achievements.

Epic will announce pricing and an exact release date for Infinity Blade soon.

Via [Epic Games]

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