All PS3 owners get Hulu Plus next week

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Hulu Plus logoGood news PS3 owners, everyone gets to access Hulu Plus from their consoles next week. It was previously a PlayStation Plus members exclusive while it was in beta, but the invitation-only party is over and now everyone can drop on by. Yay for TV on, well, your TV!

Unfortunately, it isn’t free TV on your TV. You can head over to on your computer and watch shows and movies for free, but Hulu Plus isn’t like that. To watch media from Hulu’s library on your TV with your PS3, you need to subscribe. You need to pay $9.99 a month to access all that. Actually, first, you need to download the free Hulu Plus app which will probably be waiting in the PlayStation Store. Then you need to pay Hulu for the honor of using its service.

Hulu Plus also still isn’t out of the preview beta phase yet. Hulu is still working to make more TV shows and movies available. So if you start subscribing immediately, you might not be guaranteed access to your favorite series.

You may want to stick with Netflix for the moment. It’s $1 cheaper, after all. Give Hulu Plus on the PS3 time to grow. Subscribe once you know your favorite programs are available and it’s working perfectly.

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