First batch of Dance Central DLC already available

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Dance Central Xbox 360 Kinect

Good news for everyone who ran to the store this morning, bought Dance Central and Kinect, started the game up and realized 32 songs just weren’t enough for them. Harmonix and MTV Games have already released the first batch of DLC! Yes, day one dlc! Granted, it isn’t a very large batch and only offers three extra songs, but still. If you need more and have some spare Microsoft Points, you’re all set.

The music is a bit pricy though. Each song will cost you 240 Microsoft Points ($2.99). But hey, Ne-yo’s “Because of You,” Sean Paul’s “Temperature” or Lady Sovereign’s “I Got You Dancing” could be worth that much to you. They’re only available individually, so don’t go looking for a cheaper pack that has the three bundled together. Each one has a custom dance to go with it, ready for players at each of the three skills levels to boogie.

To celebrate the launch of Dance Central and the DLC, all three artists performed at the Times Square Kinect launch party in New York on November 3, 2010. I’m guessing each performed the songs picked to be DLC.

In other, Dance Central-related news, your Avatar can now match the in-game characters. Just head to the Xbox Live Store to see for yourself. Supposedly there are outfits, accessories and ELIOT the Robot waiting for you.

Wow, kudos to the company to getting stuff out there ASAP. It’s smart thinking, really. What better way to capitalize on the excitement surrounding a new peripheral and game than to make sure there’s additional content for people to spend more money on.

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