Walmart’s pre-Black Friday sale has 320GB PS3 bundle, lots of TVs

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PS3 Move bundle Black Friday is slowly creeping up on us. Soon we’ll be elbow deep in angry and anxious shoppers who would step over their own mothers to get a good deal. We’re telling you a Walmart deal several hours ahead of time so that you can stretch your calf muscles before anyone else. The sale starts tomorrow (November 6, 2010) and lasts until November 7, 2010. All these deals go live at 8am, so get there early.

The only videogame deal here is a 320GB PS3 Move bundle. It comes with the PS3 console, PlayStation Move, PlayStation Eye, DualShock 3, Sports Champions and a $50 Walmart gift card for $399.99.

The majority of electronic specials are for Vizio HDTVs. Let’s face it, not everyone has a HDTV. And those who do may be in the market for another. Walmart has Vizio HDTVs in sizes ranging from 26 to 55 inches. The 26 inch costs $198 and the 55 inch costs $898. I happen to own a Vizio HDTV as do my parents, and we haven’t had any problems with them yet. Vizio also happens to be one of, if not the biggest seller of LCD Tvs in North America.

There’s also a $50 iTunes gift card on sale for $35. The money on that card is good on anything iTunes offers from music to movies.

Here is a list of Walmart’s pre-Black Friday electronics specials.

  • Compaq 15.6″ Laptop – $288 (in-stores only)
  • 320GB PS3 Move bundle with $50 gift card – $399
  • Vizio 26″ LED TV – $198
  • Vizio 32″ LCD TV – $298
  • Vizio 42″ LCD TV – $498
  • Vizio 47″ 120Hz LCD TV – $698
  • Vizio 55″ 120Hz LCD TV – $898
  • $50 iTunes Gift Card – $35

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  • Jagte Raho

    The black Friday event at Walmart is a fraudulent advertisement. It says Walmart has started a price war in electronics and drastically “rolledback” prices, which the others are trying to follow. I went to Walmart this morning and found NO advertised item on the floor. Instead, the items which were on the floor had “rolled UP” the price. This seems to be an attempt from Walmart to lure in the customers by fooling them with such low class methods. On their website, it said “out of stock” updated on 12AM ET, 6 Nov; it was out of stock 9 hours before the sale started in the east!

  • Sarah

    The PS3 bundle would be cool if the current price on Amazon wasn't $349.99; you are paying for the $50 gift card.