Madden NFL Football is a 3DS launch title

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Madden 3DS Madden was previously shown to be a 3DS title, but now we know it will be available at launch. EA announced Madden NFL Football for the first half of 2011 which fits right in with the 3DS’ North American release window. Madden NFL Football will have full 3D capabilities, but the 3D can be turned off at any time.

Madden won’t be slimmed down just because it’s on a handheld. The 3DS is more than capable of delivering a full football experience. Madden will have teams of 11 in competition against each other in Season Mode. There will also be 5 on 5 match-ups that are said to be fast paced. All 32 NFL teams are present along with their respective players. EA has also made Madden accessible for any gamer regardless of football knowledge.

You can make plays in one of three ways. GameFlow picks the best play for you, Arcade lets you choose your next move from a playbook and Classic gives you complete control. Madden also lets you draw your own plays instantly on the touch screen with a feature called “Call Your Shots”.

Madden will use the 3DS’ glasses-free 3D screen to make features such as “Spotlight Moments”. Spotlight Moments sounds like Madden‘s way of using custom camera angles to take full advantage of 3D.

EA’s press release made no mention of online functionality for Madden NFL Football.

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