Lord of the Rings Online Turbine Point cards for sale in selected retail stores

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So, you’re holiday shopping for your friends and family and one of them happens to be a Lord of the Rings Online player. What would be a great gift for him or her? No, I don’t think you should get them a limited edition Gimli mug, or a Legolas costume. And I’m sure this person already has a replica of the One Ring. So what’s left? How about something useful for a change and get a Turbine Point gift card?

The Tolkien-based, Turbine MMORPG added a free-to-play (F2P) option to their subscription and lifetime membership formats in fall 2010, allowing people who are interested in the game but not in subscription fees to frolic freely in Middle-earth.

Naturally, every F2P game comes with an in-game store and thus the Turbine store was born. Players purchase “Turbine Points” with real money that can then be used to purchase in-game items, quest packages, and other goodies.

Originally you could only buy Turbine Points in-game, but Turbine just announced that Turbine Point gift cards will now be available on sale at Best Buy, Target, and GameStop. We’ve contacted Turbine to get more details on what kinds of cards and dollar denominations are available and will update when we get a response. In the meantime, feel free to visit the Best Buy, Target, and GameStop nearest you to check it out for yourself!

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