Meijer leaks its own 2010 Black Friday ad

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Meijer Black Friday 2010 ad scanThe Meijer Black Friday 2010 ad is on the internet, and it’s not because some shadowy figure leaked it onto the internet. Meijer released the ad itself. Technically, the ad was just supposed to be released people who follow the store on Facebook and Twitter, but that didn’t last long. So now everyone can see what Meijer will have to offer when it opens its doors at 5am on November 26, 2010. And don’t forget to clip the 15$ one general merchandise item coupon!

The first thing you see in the Meijer ad is a $199.99 Super Mario 25th Anniversary red Wii bundle. It comes with a Wii Remote Plus, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Wii Sports and a $50 Meijer custom coupon you can use on another Meijer purchase. Directly below it is a $295 32gb iPod Touch that also comes with a $50 custom coupon. Each store will have at least 50 of the Wiis and 20 of the iPod Touches.

Once you get in a little bit, you see a pretty nice PSP doorbuster deal. You can get that holiday 2010 PSP bundle, which includes LittleBigPlanet and The Karate Kid on UMD, for $129.99. You also get a $30 custom coupon with it! Be quick if you want that PSP though, as the fine print says that stores will have at least six bundles. Plus, it’s a doorbuster and will probably go quickly!

You have to flip through a few more pages before you come across the next couple video game doorbusters, but it’s worth it! That 160gb PS3 bundle with Uncharted 2: Among Thieves and The Karate Kid blu-ray will be $299.99 and come with a 50 custom coupon. Each store will have at least 12 of those. There are also going to be two DSi sales. A DSi XL alone will be $169.99 and come with a $30 custom coupon and those new 2010 holiday DSi bundles with Mario Party DS will be $149.99 and also come with said $30 custom coupon. There’ll be at least 24 of those in each store.

When it comes to games, there will just be a general promotion running. All games prices at $19.99 or less will be 50% off. It doesn’t matter which console or handheld its for. If it’s under $19.99, it will be on sale.

You may still want to like Meijer on Facebook or follow them on Twitter. During the 2010 holiday season, Meijer sales will be leaked to internet buddies three days before the general public gets to know about them.

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