Dallas Cowboys Madden NFL 11’s most popular team

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Madden 11 Miles Austin

According to EA Sports’ observations, the Dallas Cowboys are still “America’s Team” despite a horrendous 1-7 start.

EA’s numbers indicated the Cowboys are the team most used in online play. The Minnesota Vikings, New Orleans Saints, Baltimore Ravens and New York Jets round out the Top 5. The least popular team is the Arizona Cardinals.

That’s not a big shock. Arizona is a relatively small media market. Teams such as the Cowboys enjoy national prominence even when they’re losing. Seriously, watch any sports channel and see how much pub the Cowboys and Vikings get. A team such as Arizona only gets media attention when it’s winning. For the Cardinals, that is not often.

We’ll soon see just how loyal Cowboys fans are. EA Sports updates team ratings with regular downloads on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. Dallas has been dropping fast as their season goes awry. In the Week 10 update available today, (November 12, 2010) Dallas suffered the repercussions of its 45-7 loss to Green Bay. Ten Cowboy players saw their overall Madden rating go down. Several of them were on defense, and the team’s overall defensive rating dropped from 77 to 74. When you play so badly your coach gets fired at the halfway point, you can expect your Madden rating to take a serious hit. Dallas did look pretty good in a Week 10 victory over the New York Giants. Perhaps things are turning around.

I am shocked that the Tennessee Titans don’t rank higher. They have one of the game’s most dynamic players in Chris Johnson, along with the agile Vince Young at quarterback. The Titans just added superstar wide receiver Randy Moss. Perhaps that will get more players online to give the Titans a whirl. I can’t wait to see what plays an offense with those three Pro Bowl quality players can come up with.

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