25th Super Mario anniversary Mario Kart Wii bundle announced for Europe

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Black Mario Kart Wii Bundle Pack 25th Anniversary Super MarioThere’s a new Wii bundle out there to celebrate the whole Super Mario 25th Anniversary, but you’ll only be able to get it if you’re in Europe. Starting November 26, 2010, a Mario Kart Wii bundle hits the scene. Hint: It’s got Mario Kart Wii packed in with it!

The Mario Kart Wii bundle doesn’t come with the snazzy “Mario-red” Wii. You get a black Wii instead. You also get a black Wii Remote Plus, a black Wii Wheel peripheral, a black nunchuk, Mario Kart Wii and Wii Sports. So all the basics and essentials you need to get started. Nintendo didn’t reveal the price, but it’ll probably be £179.99 (~$289), the same price as the Super Mario 25th Anniversary red Wii bundle.

I almost forgot! The Mario Kart Wii bundle has one more awesome feature – it has the original version Donkey Kong preloaded on the Wii. The version of Donkey King: Original Edition that appeared in arcades and had an extra level.

It looks like the Mario Kart Wii bundle is going to be a European exclusive, as it hasn’t been announced for Japan or North America yet. If it was going to get a North American release, we’d probably have seen it in some Black Friday 2010 ads by now.

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