Japan Import: Bleach: Soul Ignition site opens, screenshots revealed

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Bleach Soul Ignition PS3

The first Bleach PS3 game is in development and while Sony has been tight-lipped about Bleach: Soul Ignition so far, information should start flowing in soon. After all, that’s what tends to happen after an official website is opened. Fans can head there right now and start looking at all the pretty pictures. It’s not like there’s much else to do there yet.

While Bleach: Soul Ignition site doesn’t offer much useful information, the few available screenshots actually do good job of giving us hints at gameplay. We see Ichigo, Rukia and Uryu in battle, which infers all three are going to be playable. We also see lots of Arrancar in the Ichigo and Uryu screenshots, so it looks like Bleach: Soul Ignition is a beat-em up, rather than a fighter like entries in the PSP Bleach: Heat the Soul series. It will retain the cell-shaded characters though! So it will look like Heat the Soul, but probably play a little more like the Bleach: Soul Carnival PSP series.

We’ll likely know more in the coming months, since Bleach: Soul Ignition won’t be released until 2011. And remember – you won’t need to really wait for a US company to localize and release it. The PS3 is region-free, so you could always import Bleach: Soul Ignition when it comes out and enjoy it on your own system. As long as it isn’t an RPG, it should be fairly easy to manage with minimal knowledge of Japanese.

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