Black Friday 2010: Old Navy giving away Dance Central with $25 purchase

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Old Navy Old Navy has a surefire way to get people to line up outside its doors on Black Friday. You see, there’s a little peripheral for the Xbox 360 called Kinect. Perhaps you’ve heard of it? Kinect is extremely popular because it has been shown in various television programs, fast food restaurants and anywhere else there’s advertising. The psychology is if you want to be hip, you have to get Kinect. And if you want Dance Central for free, go to Old Navy.

Starting at midnight on Black Friday, Old Navy will be giving out free copies of Dance Central if you buy at least $25 worth of merchandise. Each Old Navy store is only expected to have a few handfuls of Dance Central games to give away. Needless to say, you have to line up pretty early to scoop up this deal.

So what should you buy at Old Navy to accumulate $25 worth of stuff? Well winter is coming up fast, so perhaps a sweater or two will do you right. Since it will be Black Friday after all, you’ll be able to scoop up clothes at a fraction of the price. After picking up some outerwear for the entire family, you can all crowd around your larger than normal living room and learn how to dance.

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