Minecraft magnets are magnificent

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Minecraft Magnets Set 1 Environment KongscutA novelty has appeared on the internet that would be just perfect for Minecraft fanatics – magnets. Not just any magnets – magnets that resemble the blocks and materials used for building in Minecraft. Think about that and absorb the genius of it. You can use said magnets to recreate your Minecraft empire on a smaller, flatter scale.

The Minecraft Magnet Set 1: Environment first appeared in Kongscut’s Etsy shop on November 16, 2010 for $10. Don’t be discouraged if you stop by and see a notice saying the item is sold out. When I first visited the page it said that, but when I refreshed the set was in stock again.

Here’s a list of the magnet items you received if you purchased one of the few first Minecraft magnet sets.

  • 18 stone magnet tiles
  • 8 sand magnet tiles
  • 8 dirt magnet tiles
  • 7 leaf magnet tiles
  • 6 grass magnet tiles
  • 4 coal magnet tiles
  • 2 water magnet tiles
  • 2 clay magnet tiles
  • 2 iron ore magnet tiles
  • 2 tree trunk magnet tiles
  • 1 diamond ore magnet tile
  • 1 red stone magnet tile
  • 1 mossy cobblestone magnet tile
  • 1 lava magnet tile
  • 1 gold magnet tile

Personally, I think a few more water tiles would have been nice, but still. 64 magnet tiles for $10 is a good deal.

Since the first set actually says Set 1, and specifically refers to it as Environment, there’ll most likely be future sets with more block options and perhaps even characters. It’d probably be a good idea to bookmark Kongscut’s Etsy shop and come back later.

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